The Time of the Fulfillment of Insurance Premium Law and Insurance

The time of the fulfillment of insurance premium

Provides for the general rules that, if it is not coupled with a commitment to stand for or commenting on the suspension condition, the debtor must fulfill it as soon as it arises and only had the right to require the creditor right Jabra him. Consequently, the installment will be the duty of the performance as soon as insurance – as a general rule – unless the parties agree otherwise.

The installment is due by the term agreed upon in the insurance contract, it may be met every month or quarterly or half-year or a year or more. And should not be confused with justice and in order to fulfill the duration of insurance as follows:

The first – in order to meet: limit the time that the insured must implement its commitment lumpy performance value premium to the insured.

Second – for Syriacs: determine the period of insurance coverage that the insurance contract expires Bannagdaúha.

And work is underway in the insurance market – a requirement for the fulfillment of the insured installment in advance at the beginning of the insurance period for the believer (), so that the last resort of recognition of the seriousness of the insured and adjust its calculations and a willingness to cover the risk insured from him – total premiums – when you bring.

2 Place the fulfillment of insurance premium

Original place that is home to the installment payment by the debtor of any home insured – any religion that is not required to carry

However, the custom of insurance was – on the contrary – with respect to the payment of the first installment and necessary to be met in the home of the insured or the center of his work – any that carries this installment does not require -. The premiums paid will be following in the home of the insured or its management center if the insurance related to these actions (). Unless the insured has been delayed in fulfilling Bahdha, if the delay in the fulfillment of the insured and Oadhirh the place to fulfill this installment will be insured in the business center.

And the home of the insured home, which is mentioned in the insurance policy or any other home announce its insured thereafter 
Fifthly – how to pay the premium and demonstrable

Pays the insured or his deputy to the insured or his authorized representative in the value of the premium in cash or by check payable at sight, to be delivered from the second or represented to the first or his deputy Clearance function to fulfill this value.

The burden of proof of payment of the insurance premium to the insured, he may prove that all methods of proof when it was worth not exceeding one hundred pounds (a quorum of proof Balbana) or if its value exceeds the quorum, but the insurer is in the process of insurance business as insurance companies, for example. If the value exceeds the quorum – is in the business – may not prove fulfilling installment only in writing unless the parties agree otherwise


Immigration Law

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American immigration law foundation the information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. A primary purpose of american immigration policy is to facilitate unification of family members separated by international borders. The chander law firm can assist individuals with the family. Immigration law foreign physicians, American sponsors. Add immigration law office, p.c. The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with a broad overview of the issues. American immigration law is one of the most politically divisive areas of the legal system and it s constantly changing. An immigration attorney can help you with issues such obtaining a u.s.

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News section on us immigration providing the latest on immigration law issues federation for american immigration reform, feb 04, 2005 according to the national low income housing. Georgia state university college of law, Atlanta, georgia (j.d. Member american immigration lawyers association (aila) board of governors american immigration lawyers association. She is on the board of trustees co-chairs the american immigration law foundation (ailf) s annual immigrant achievement awards event, which selects and recognizes outstanding immigrants who. He guides investors in the establishment of appropriate businesses, and in the restructuring of acquisitions in the u.s. And abroad to conform with the requirements of american immigration law.
American immigration lawyers association, Edith lowenstein memorial award for excellence in advancing the practice of immigration law, 1986 american bar association, standing committee on. You are our visitor since December. Green card lottery, register online to get american green card. New York immigration lawyers. Law firm with over forty years immigration experience. The american immigration law foundations (includes useful information on immigration-related litigation) sites for general immigration information the immigration portal. Reference, u.s. Immigration law, regulations and procedures. Immigration to use and uscis immigration information in English, Spanish and Chinese 96, immigration and nationality act. American immigration law foundation ailf provides a guide to u.s.

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Immigration law certificate case management technology coming going immigration book copyright  1995-2007 american immigration llc. This site provides detailed information on usa, united states, u.s. Us immigration law, american immigration law from the perspective of Canadians and information on Canadian immigration as well. Aba immigration pro Bono development project american association for spouse reunification american immigration law foundation american immigration lawyers association center for migration studiousness. National association of attorneys who practice and teach immigration law. The federal government controls how immigration law is enforced or.

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Do-it-yourself immigration and citizenship books, kits and products family law lawyer looking for a family law lawyer in your area? Legal hi-tech worker Americanization immigration law foundation, immigration policy centerboards institute immigration policy carrying capacity network read congressional research service. Certification, i-140, i-485}, us citizenship, diversity immigration law office. Khanna, pc 5225 n. Wilson blvd. Naturalization north american free trade agreement. American immigration law foundation this charitable organization is dedicated to increasing public understanding of immigration law and policy and the value of immigration to american society to. San Francisco bay area lawyer focusing in us immigration and nationality law.
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The american immigration lawyers association s fundamentals of immigration law practice conference at the sheraton atlanta in atlanta, georgia. She is an active member of the american immigration law association (aila) and has participated as a committee member on the unauthorized practice of law for the south florida chapter of aila. She is a member of the american bar association, the american immigration lawyers association and the immigration law section of the los angeles county bar association. The american immigration law foundation promotes public understanding of us immigration law and policy through public education, policy analysis, and support to litigators. Immigration to the united states is regulated through the american political process. Immigration law is written in congress. Our professional team offers you years of experience in all facets of the immigration and nationality law. Reza athari is a member of the american immigration lawyers association.

The B Word (“Bankruptcy”) May Be the Death of Your Bad Debt Collection or Lawsuit

In an environment where the revenue picture is blurry, 20/20 hindsight on delinquent bills can overtake your vision. In times like these, the cash lost to people who haven’t paid up on your invoice is too much pain to bear. Hence, it is a common for debt collection and lawsuits to increase in a downturn.

But the debtors are not without legal tools. In fact, if they aren’t afraid of the “B” word, they can lock their creditors out. The B word is none other than bankruptcy. And when a debtor company hits the B button (which in fairness may be a legitimate maneuver), the “automatic stay” can literally erase your lawsuit for unpaid bills. 

In fact the “protection” in “bankruptcy protection” usually refers to the automatic stay, which comes into play the moment the bankruptcy filing is made.

The automatic stay is a statutory tool that amounts to an injunction to freeze nearly any collection actions against the debtor for debts incurred prior to the bankruptcy filing. And the “automatic” refers to the fact that the debtor does not even have to seek a court order for the stay. The automatic stay puts a pause on: lawsuits, foreclosures, collections, and others.The automatic stay is not a scarecrow. It is a very potent weapon that should cause a creditor pause. In fact, creditors should avoid violating an automatic stay at all. Not only does commencing a lawsuit after a stay violate the stay, thereby voiding the lawsuit, but it could actually expose the creditors to a reverse claim for damages from the debtor! 

As with all things legal, the automatic stay is not without ways to poke holes. Creditors can ask the bankruptcy court to allow a lawsuit to continue. However, more often than not these requests are denied. So when chasing down that someone who hasn’t paid their bills, one should factor the debtor’s financial state and the possibility that a bankruptcy filing may be on the horizon into the financial calculus of a lawsuit.

Second Life and Second Jurisprudence

If any one doubts the power of the new Internet look no further than Second Life–that virtual wonderland-where you can thrill to the view of your palatial gated manor and take flight in your jet car to visit the gay, straight or “furry” neighbors.

It only seems like a fantasy until you realize that servers populated like small cities complete with laws and all the trappings of society compete for our waking life. Why is a universe with all the social dynamism of the ”real” world called “virtual,” especially when your Second Life can make you real cash. Is jurisprudence (and no I do no mean the law) prepared for all this world has to offer? Are we prepared for a future when “on line” versus “real world” is no longer a valid distinction. Second Life and other “metaverses” offer a rich vision of how the net will change our lives and then came the lawyers.

While even now the real world struggles mightily in defining property Rights (consider the Supreme Court decision on the limitations of eminent domain in Kelo v. City of New London), the virtual world cannot expect to be shielded from the shrill call of “hey that’s mine!” When the call is heard, will the bar respond with a litany of unmitigated liability.

Property rights are the cornerstone of any modern civilization. And as the societies that don’t live on servers have grappled with this essential principle, so too will the Second Life’s out there. With few exceptions, the virtual world relies on a pastiche of honor systems and internal rules to maintain “law and order.” And when that doesn’t work, there is the Terms of Service Agreement. However, as greater emphasis on commerce competes with socializing, then theft, fraud and the call for “human liberties” will undoubtedly make the virtual world behave more like the real one. And frankly the draconian tone of a Terms of Services agreement is a far cry from what the founding fathers had in mind in 1776. 

Consider the case of Marc S. Bragg (he is also accepting donations to pursue his suit and he has succeeded in evading a removal for arbitration). By allegedly exploiting a technical loophole in Second life that enabled him to acquire virtual properties at a significantly reduced price he caught the eye of the wrong people. Thinking that he had found his way to being a binary billionaire, his cottage industry was summarily seized and destroyed. One pictures acres of pixels razed by polygon storm troopers. Far less dramatic was the push of a button to make Bragg’s empire vanish– his account terminated based on a violation of the Terms of Service Agreement. Confronted with what argues is an illegal taking, as an attorney and as an American, he did his duty… he filed suit.

While I and others do not see this case as a dispute over property rights (largely because terms of service agreement appears to cover this situation which really hinges on a breach of contract principle; rather than property rights), it does speak of things to come. For example, does Bragg have a proportionality argument? Is Second Life evolving into a public arena that must apply state and/or federal laws rules and regulations, what about the constitution? 

In existence for nearly a decade the new generation of MMORG’S aggressively blur the lines between life m the flesh and life or the other side of a keyboard. It’s much easier to be flip about losing a plus five sword of orc smashing then about the loss of a virtual factory that generates REAL money for Virtual employees and investors. It this trend continues, and there’s no indication it won’t, a crisis is looming. And certainly at that time there will be more than enough call within the legal community to establish real world legal systems in wonderland. 

Now is the time, not when a crisis occurs, when we should examine cyber jurisprudence in a cyber society. Left to their own devices, lawyers have a way of siphoning the joy out of anything. Stories like Bragg’s probably have most attorneys drafting retainers for the personal injury claims of the 21st century rather than trying to shape a sustainable legal framework for cyber society. As we have discovered in the real world, the Internet has rarely offered easy opportunities to co-opt existing law. 

Yet, we are presented with an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine the role of law, to redefine its relation with people, to create a legal system heretofore undreamed of. The architects of Second Life, Wikipedia, and others are anything but traditional. Why shouldn’t lawyers be similarly uninhibited? What should the role of an advocate be in a world of polygon avatars? As lawyers, our first question should not be how to make real law apply to the virtual? It should be: how do we make new institutions for a new world?