The Time of the Fulfillment of Insurance Premium Law and Insurance

The time of the fulfillment of insurance premium

Provides for the general rules that, if it is not coupled with a commitment to stand for or commenting on the suspension condition, the debtor must fulfill it as soon as it arises and only had the right to require the creditor right Jabra him. Consequently, the installment will be the duty of the performance as soon as insurance – as a general rule – unless the parties agree otherwise.

The installment is due by the term agreed upon in the insurance contract, it may be met every month or quarterly or half-year or a year or more. And should not be confused with justice and in order to fulfill the duration of insurance as follows:

The first – in order to meet: limit the time that the insured must implement its commitment lumpy performance value premium to the insured.

Second – for Syriacs: determine the period of insurance coverage that the insurance contract expires Bannagdaúha.

And work is underway in the insurance market – a requirement for the fulfillment of the insured installment in advance at the beginning of the insurance period for the believer (), so that the last resort of recognition of the seriousness of the insured and adjust its calculations and a willingness to cover the risk insured from him – total premiums – when you bring.

2 Place the fulfillment of insurance premium

Original place that is home to the installment payment by the debtor of any home insured – any religion that is not required to carry

However, the custom of insurance was – on the contrary – with respect to the payment of the first installment and necessary to be met in the home of the insured or the center of his work – any that carries this installment does not require -. The premiums paid will be following in the home of the insured or its management center if the insurance related to these actions (). Unless the insured has been delayed in fulfilling Bahdha, if the delay in the fulfillment of the insured and Oadhirh the place to fulfill this installment will be insured in the business center.

And the home of the insured home, which is mentioned in the insurance policy or any other home announce its insured thereafter
Fifthly – how to pay the premium and demonstrable

Pays the insured or his deputy to the insured or his authorized representative in the value of the premium in cash or by check payable at sight, to be delivered from the second or represented to the first or his deputy Clearance function to fulfill this value.

The burden of proof of payment of the insurance premium to the insured, he may prove that all methods of proof when it was worth not exceeding one hundred pounds (a quorum of proof Balbana) or if its value exceeds the quorum, but the insurer is in the process of insurance business as insurance companies, for example. If the value exceeds the quorum – is in the business – may not prove fulfilling installment only in writing unless the parties agree otherwise